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Compressed air is an essential energy source in many industries. To protect the quality of production processes, it is necessary to avoid contamination that quickly wears out pneumatic machinery, blocks valves and increases maintenance costs.


In Grupo Cartés we ensure a fast and reliable supply of the necessary products for a quick replacement. Through our brand Aldair Industrial Filtration we cover all the needs of the filtration process, offering from filters for the inside of the compressor, to indicators or refrigeration dryers.


The generation of compressed air can be one of the highest energy costs. It is therefore very important to size and choose the most suitable compressor housings, elements or systems.


In Grupo Cartés we carry out an evaluation of compressor rooms or resizing of the necessary elements to achieve maximum efficiency and savings.


In Grupo Cartés we are experts in proposing solutions from filtration. Thanks to a team of expert engineers who, through a process of diagnosis and analysis, propose the most appropriate solution for each problem or need for improvement.


1. We assess and study the situation of the filters inside the compressor and vacuum pumps, line filters, purges, and condensate separators, refrigeration dryers and adsorption dryers.


2. We make a proposal for improvements based on the study of the measurement results.

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