Eurovent: Driving energy efficiency

In 1994, what is now known as Eurovent Certita Certification (hereinafter Eurovent) was formed: the European Industry Association for Indoor Climate, Refrigeration and Food Cold Chain Technologies. Its members, from countries all over Europe, represent more than 1,000 companies, the most important of which are [...]

Why is it so important to invest in hydraulic filtration?

It is estimated that 80% of failures in hydraulic and lubrication systems are caused by oil contamination. Only a class oil is able to guarantee the correct functioning of the system. Correct filtration of hydraulic and lubrication oils minimizes the probability of failure in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Giant off-line units: real time information on oil status

It is estimated that 80% of failures in hydraulic and lubrication systems are caused by oil contamination. Only oil in class is capable of guaranteeing the correct functioning of the system. In addition, the level of cleanliness of hydraulic systems and their control result in substantial savings in oil consumption and [...]

Process filters: a broad portfolio of products to meet any requirement

Liquid filtration is essential to protect industrial installations and guarantee the purity of fluids used in production or consumption. Process filtration therefore encompasses everything from the removal of suspended solid particles - the most visible ones and the smallest ones that generate turbidity - to pathogenic microorganisms, odors and bacteria.

A comprehensive service for dust collection systems

In certain production processes, environmental pollution in the form of dust, oil mist or welding fumes is generated unintentionally, causing dirt in the facilities and health problems for people. In Grupo Cartés we offer an integral solution for dust collection installations: we carry out a study, we design [...]

Grupo Cartés: Top brands, services and first team quality.

Grupo Cartés is a unique, innovative and constantly evolving company. Our purpose is to generate solutions from the filtration, through a close and specialized team that helps to develop new business opportunities in a dynamic market. Thanks to the experience of our professionals, we are a reference in the evaluation, proposal and solution of projects [...]

Know the status of your filters with differential pressure sensors.

In recent years, the elements used for filtration have been improving their technology to offer better and better results. The use of new materials and designs, as well as new developments such as nanofiber layers or coatings have made the filters used today in the industry more efficient. So much so, [...]

Ensure the care of your equipment with the best solutions

Wind energy presents many technical challenges for components. Turbines are often located in very remote locations and tens of meters away, so reliability is of paramount importance. Components need to be compact and lightweight, yet offer exceptional service life in the most demanding of operating environments. Among the [...]

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