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In certain production processes, environmental pollution in the form of dust, oil mist or welding fumes is generated unintentionally, causing dirt in the facilities and health problems for the people who are in them.


At Grupo Cartés we offer a comprehensive solution for these dust collection installations. We carry out a study of them, we design a complete dust collection system and we install it. In addition, we offer a control service on possible leaks and we supply any type of spare part with a faster delivery time than usual, thanks to our extensive stocks.


The choice of filter media for the dust collection equipment cartridges, as well as the adaptation of the installations to the type of filter material, can mean great cost savings for the industry.



Our group of experts carries out a study, proposes improvements and provides the necessary advice for the correct sizing of the installations, supplying collectors of different materials, depending on the specific need. In this way, the useful life of these collectors is extended from 6 months to 3 years and the performance and efficiency is maintained. All this translates into great savings in maintenance and energy costs.


Leaks in collection systems end up damaging system components, reducing efficiency and performance, or harming health and breaching quality or environmental standards.


Within the integral solution for dust collection we have a leak detection service. In a quick and non-intrusive way, our engineers check the operation of the installation, identify the leak and only the damaged collector is replaced, allowing the rest to remain in operation. Thanks to this leakage control service, companies save a great deal of time and money, as well as providing a substantial improvement in the performance of filtering installations.


Ensuring air quality is critical to protecting people's health and reducing the amount of emissions into the environment that can lead to costly fines.


In Grupo Cartés we are the only Spanish company that has a solution for the detection of suspended particles and provides information about the environment that generates the growth of pollutants. In this way, it is possible to protect the health of everyone inside the facilities and have a better control over the expulsion of waste into the environment.

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