We offer reliable and technical solutions to protect the turbine against contaminants and poorly filtered cooling water, as well as to preserve the good condition of the other components. Our goal is to prevent loss of profitability due to production downtime, deterioration or corrosion of the turbine.

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For the correct operation of a combined cycle plant, the reliability of the most critical components is essential due to the high investment involved. The gas turbine is the backbone of this industry and has to operate under extreme operating pressures and temperatures.


For this purpose, we have a wide portfolio of leading brands, both for the turbine lubrication oil and for the air intake and cooling water filtration. In this way, the maximum cleanliness of the oils and water is guaranteed, to avoid contamination, wear and corrosion, protecting and extending the useful life of the turbine.


In addition, our experts carry out a study and analysis of the plant to offer the best technical solutions adapted to the specific needs of the sector, such as, for example, the choice of the best filtration systems and filtering media, in order to achieve greater energy savings for the turbine.


At Grupo Cartés we work with leading brands of hydraulic filtration, such as the premium HY-PRO, specifically designed to optimise the reliability of hydraulic systems, removing particles, water and oxidation by-products from the oil, keeping it in class.


Maintenance program for hydraulic and hydraulic and lubrication oils

Discover our Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Maintenance Program and how it can help professionals take care of their equipment and avoid downtime.

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