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Reduction of costs due to breakdowns, unnecessary stoppages or damaged end products.
Improving the efficiency of production processes
Savings of up to 60% of energy costs


Excellence in system configuration is crucial to ensure energy efficiency in air filtration and has an impact on the final costs of energy consumption as well as operating expenses.


Considering that 70% of the costs of a company's ventilation and air conditioning systems are energy costs and that the cost of the necessary filters accounts for 15%, choosing more efficient filtration systems can save up to 60% of the total operating costs of a facility.


Our great ally to ensure the quality of industrial processes and the health of people is the industrial filtration brand Aldair Industrial Filtration.

It has a range of filters certified by Eurovent Certified Performance Programme, which applies to medium and fine efficiency air conditioning filters, according to EN ISO 16890:2016.


Through the complete portfolio of this brand, we guarantee air quality according to the needs of each process or application, and we offer alternatives adapted to all kinds of requirements: from basic pre-filtration to absolute filtration in sterile environments.


In order to offer a comprehensive solution, we have the service of equipment qualification, validation of critical areas and indoor air control, as well as advice to ensure the ideal air quality, depending on the specific needs of each industry and in accordance with current regulations.

This consulting process consists of three parts:

Analysis and audit of air conditioning, refrigeration or ventilation installations.
2. Design and execution of filtration systems.
3. Maintenance through control and monitoring of machinery and supply of the necessary solutions.


Guaranteeing air quality is fundamental for the correct functioning of production processes, but it is also essential to protect the health of workers.

Companies, industries and institutions must have a ventilation installation adequate to the standards to prevent pollutants such as dust, biological particles or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) deteriorate indoor air quality, especially particles smaller than 1 micron, the most dangerous to health and sensitive industrial processes.

In Grupo Cartés we are the only Spanish company that has a solution for the detection of suspended particles and provides information about the environment that generates the growth of pollutants. This allows not only to improve the quality of industrial processes or reduce costs related to downtime and repairs, but also to protect the health of people who are inside the facilities.

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