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We offer an integral response to the filtration needs of the cosmetic industry to ensure the quality of the final result of the products and their correct packaging.

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The cosmetics industry must ensure the correct development of the production processes, avoiding the contamination of the product by external agents and guaranteeing a correct final packaging.

In Grupo Cartés we have a wide portfolio of products and brands that give a global response to the needs of the sector.
- Self-cleaning filters, basket or bag filters, cartridges and accessories.
- All types of pre-filters, medium and fine filtration alternatives, active carbon filters and absolute filters, in a multitude of sizes and materials.
- A wide range of purges, indicators and alumina spare parts, among others.


Through our Aldair Industrial Filtration brand, we ensure air quality and sterility according to the needs of each process or application, and we offer alternatives adapted to all types of requirements, from basic pre-filtration to absolute filtration in sterile environments.

The class, initial pressure drop, initial and minimum efficiency are guaranteed by EN ISO 16890:2016 for pre-filtration, medium and fine filtration, and by UNE-EN 1822:2009 for EPA, HEPA and ULPA absolute filters, while our specific range of class M5, M6, F7, F8 and F9 filters (compact, mini-pleated, high capacity absolute and laminar flow) are certified by Eurovent Certified Performance, in its "Air filters" program, in terms of energy efficiency and annual energy consumption.


Our professionals offer a personalised service adapted to the specific needs of the sector, planning consumption in order to provide the right solutions at the right time. Thanks to our large stock and fast logistics service, we can deliver any order in less than 48 hours.


Find out how you can save up to 60% of the total operating costs of a facility through our filtration solutions.

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