Oil and Gas

Our goal is to contribute to high production yields and reduced energy costs, as well as to minimize costs due to production losses with safe and reliable solutions.
Large portfolio of top brands
Integrated solutions for the entire plant
Specific services for specific needs


The oil and gas production industry, both onshore and offshore, needs its equipment and systems to be always operating in optimal conditions, as well as fluid maintenance to ensure their efficiency.

In Cartés Group we have a large portfolio in stock that includes the main brands for this sector. Reliable and efficient solutions guaranteed by the corresponding international certifications. They are supplied in a period between 24 and 48 hours thanks to our logistics and high stocks.

In addition, our service includes advice on improving the systems and proposing solutions for any type of problem, as well as the necessary training for maintenance teams, technicians, etc.


- Filters for hydraulic and lubrication systems.
- Systems for the care of stationary and mobile fluids for filtration, water drainage (purifiers), gas removal and preparation of service fluids.
- Water filtration, essential for the operation and maintenance of cooling and production systems.
- Coalescing filters for liquid and gas separation, phase separators, water sensors and oil purifiers.



In the oil and gas sector, a large quantity of lubrication oils need to be stored. In many cases, these oils accumulate outdoors, in the open, running the risk of contamination or filtration that can degrade them.


In order to avoid this, oil storage and dispensing units are designed so that they are not exposed to external environmental conditions. 


Inside are the tanks, with STEP INDUSTRIAL FILTERS filtering systems and DES-CASE desiccant aerators, which absorb humidity and filter particles from the air entering the tanks.


In Grupo Cartés we work with leading brands of hydraulic filtration, such as the premium brand HY-PRO, specific to optimize the reliability of hydraulic systems, keeping the oil in class and eliminating particles, water and oxidation by-products, which can be generated. They are also applicable to dielectric oils and fuels.


Discover our Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Maintenance Program and how it can help professionals take care of their equipment and avoid downtime.

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