Optimised system efficiency, energy savings and minimum downtime
Longer oil in class, predictive maintenance and environmental care
Increased system and component service life and elimination of oil-related breakdowns

80% of hydraulic and lubrication system failures are caused by oil contamination.

The oils with which we work, and also those that are stored, end up degrading over time. The main causes of this deterioration are oxidation, hydrolysis and thermal degradation. In fact, contamination by particles and water are the main cause of possible system failures and stoppages.

For this reason, knowledge of the precise level of contamination and its elimination are essential in order to guarantee efficiency and correct system functionality, as well as to extend the useful life of the oils, with the consequent savings in costs and downtime, together with environmental care.


At Grupo Cartés we have the necessary analytical equipment to measure the state of the oils at the same time and carry out an accurate diagnosis of the problems present in the installation. 


In addition, in order to offer a comprehensive service, our engineers interpret the data on site to propose the most appropriate solutions.


In 24 hours it is possible to be certain of the real state of the oils and the causes of their contamination, as well as to apply solutions that will result in improved machinery performance and increased productivity.

- In-house or laboratory analysis of particles.
- Analysis of water content.
- Laboratory analysis of solid particles.
- Chemical analysis of oil composition.
- System status report.


With the results obtained from the system diagnosis, our experts elaborate the most suitable integral proposal for purification, control and monitoring of the systems for oil conditioning and maintenance.

- Mobile filtering units.
- Installation of kidney circuits (off-line).
- Installation of air conditioners in the tanks.
- Oil purifiers.
- Technical advice for choosing the right oil for each installation.


Through our control and monitoring system we offer the possibility of knowing in real time the state of the impurities in the oils. We install this system directly in the line of the hydraulic system to know at all times what is the state of the same.


The information obtained is transferred to the monitors, thus making all the data available in a control SCADA or any other general monitoring system.


With this way of working, it is possible to anticipate technical failures and improve the condition of hydraulic fluids, optimising processes, extending the service life of machinery and reducing operating costs and breakdowns.

- In-line particle counters.
- In-line moisture sensors.
- In-line metal particle sensors.


Our comprehensive maintenance plan has two main areas.

- A periodic analysis of the system.
- The supply and renewal of housings, elements and other accessories.

Periodically, depending on the needs of the installation, we carry out a control of particles and water content to anticipate possible failures and breakdowns, complementing and reinforcing the online monitoring of the systems.

As for the supply and scheduled maintenance, they consist of:

- Maintenance and replacement, if necessary, of housings and filtering elements.
- Unification of brands and references.
- Revision of clogging indicators.
- Maintenance of kidney circuits and air conditioners.
- Revision of in-line particle counters.
- Revision of in-line humidity probes.
- Revision of in-line metallic particle sensors.
- Revision of working temperature and viscosity.
- Additional treatments, if necessary, such as anti-bacterial, anti-gels or anti-varnish treatments.

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