Real time monitoring process of the state of the oils.

At Grupo Cartés we are at the forefront of filtration solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are aware of the latest innovations in order to provide the best service to our customers.

For this reason, we pay special care and attention to provide the latest techniques, protocols and services that allow our clients to obtain the best results in their implantations.

The normal practice in any industry is to carry out an analysis of the state of the oils every 3 to 6 months, so that possible errors can only be detected in fixed periods of time, with the risk of unforeseen faults occurring between each analysis, i.e. the generation of impurities that would be undetectable until the next analysis.

Therefore, in Grupo Cartés we provide solutions such as giving our customers the possibility to know in real time the state of the impurities of the oils, through our control and monitoring system. That is to say, we collaborate in the implementation of predictive maintenance programs in the factory.

This system is installed directly on the hydraulic system line, which means that the real state of the oil can be known at all times. Subsequently, the information is transferred to the monitors where all the information is displayed together with the rest of the sensors and meters of the plant, thus having all the information in the same place, in a control SCADA or in any other general monitoring system. In addition, alarms can be configured within the system itself or even include notifications on the mobile devices of those responsible for maintenance or specific areas of the process.

What are the benefits of knowing this data in real time?

The main benefits of installing an online oil condition measurement and monitoring system are essentially those derived from the anticipation of possible technical faults that could prevent the system from operating correctly.

It also ensures that oils are disposed of in the best possible condition, thus improving process optimisation, which translates into lower operating costs, less downtime, fewer breakdowns and a longer service life for both oils and machinery. In other words, operating and maintenance costs are considerably reduced.

In addition, the equipment being in optimum condition makes the working environment safer and, finally, it also helps the environment by prolonging the life of the oils.

If we summarize, the benefits of knowing the real state of the oils are:

  • Anticipation of technical failures.
  • Oil in class for a longer period of time.
  • Less downtime.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Improved safety.
  • Helps the environment by the responsible use of oils.

As we have seen, the consequences of not having clean and classy oils cause errors and failures in the system that result in loss of money, either by machine stoppages or breakdowns due to contamination or degradation. Thanks to this real-time monitoring system, the plant maintenance manager can be sure that the condition of the oils is always correct.

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