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In such critical environments as hospitals, it is of vital importance to ensure air quality in facilities and spaces to protect patients and healthcare workers. Such quality is also essential in clinical test areas, to avoid that these can be indirectly affected by contact with the ventilation air.


For this reason, it is essential to have efficient filtration that removes a significant proportion of the contaminating particles coming from outside before they spread through the ventilation system.


Through the Aldair Industrial Filtration brand we offer high quality filters and systems to protect the health of people inside the hospital as well as processes in hospital environments. Thanks to the advice of our experts, we ensure air quality and correct installation of the systems.


Aldair Industrial Filtration's specific range of class M5, M6, F7, F8 and F9 filters are certified by the Eurovent Certita Certification Programme, guaranteeing energy efficiency.


The integral service of hospital maintenance is focused on:
- Checking the integrity of HEPA/ULPA filters, replacement and removal of the same and other filters.
- Validation of laminar flow cabinets, autoclaves, extraction cabinets, clean rooms, etc.
- Environmental and/or surface microbiological control with colony identification.
- Review of AHUs, both their mechanical and hygienic conditions.
- Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems, AHUs, ducts, grilles and room walls.
- Carrying out other customised protocols for maintenance procedures.
- Changing filters.


All this accompanied by a great logistical support, with delivery in 24h; the advice of our experts and the necessary training on solutions and certifications.


These solutions are complemented by a particle detection and counting service for:

- Classification of controlled environment rooms.
- Flow visualization.
- Smoke, flow, velocity and air uniformity test.
- Sound measurement (dB), temperature, humidity and light level.

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Through our integral program for hospital maintenance, we can guarantee the quality and sterility of the air, with the objective of protecting the health of the people, as well as the correct result of the processes.

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