Dust collection and process filtration solutions in the food and beverage industry

At Grupo Cartés we have more than 50 years' experience in the search for the best solutions from filtration. A team of professionals studies in depth the needs of any industry, company or institution, offering the most suitable solution in terms of efficiency and quality. This has positioned us as experts in the analysis, proposal and resolution of problems through filtration..

In the food food industrywe know that filtration is an essential element for the good development of your activity.

Thanks to filtration, processes and machinery used in industrial manufacturing are protected. It also prevents contamination of food and beverages and improves the quality of the products produced. 

In addition, filtration is essential to comply with food legislation and requirements. of institutions such as the FDA, AESAN or EFSA, regulatory bodies responsible for the control of food, medicines, cosmetics, etc. These organisations require manufacturers to produce products with the highest guarantees of safety and quality for the consumer.

To help the food and beverage sector achieve its objectives, we have a comprehensive service for this industry. In our solutions we have answers for two essential areas: dust collection and process filtration..

Dust collection solutions 

During the production of certain types of foodstuffs, gases, particles or dust may be generated. This is the case of industries that operate with highly volatile elements, such as flour or breadcrumbs, which in unprepared installations can constitute an explosive risk environment, affect the health of operators, the cleanliness of the plant, and also generate problems derived from the expulsion of pollutants to the outside, with the consequent environmental damage.

As a result, there are companies that need dust collection systems to help prevent dust particles from being suspended in the air.. At Grupo Cartés we carry out a study of dust collection installations and provide the necessary advice for their correct sizing.

We supply collectors made of different materials, depending on the specific requirements, and carry out the installation. In this way, it is possible to the service life of the collectors is extended, while maintaining the performance and efficiency of the collectors.. All this translates into great savings in maintenance and energy costs.

To this service we add the control of possible leaks in the collection systems.. In a quick and non-intrusive way, our engineers check the operation of the installation, identify the leak and only the damaged collector is replaced, allowing the rest to remain in operation.

The aim of this service is to further contribute to cost and time savings as well as to a substantial improvement in the performance of filtering installations.

Process filtering

In the food and beverage industry, it is essential to comply with food safety requirements and guarantee product quality, avoiding any type of contamination in the different production processes.

For this reason, liquid filtration is essential to remove both suspended solids and pathogenic micro-organisms, which can lead to a drastic loss of quality and safety.

To meet this need, we have a wide range of products wide portfolio of products with guaranteed reliability and efficiency.. This ensures process quality and compliance with current regulations.

All this added to a large stock and logistics servicewhich allows us to deliver any solution in less than 48 hours or, in the case of stock scheduling needs, on the same day.

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