Step Industrial Filters: Reliability and protection of hydraulic systems and mobile machinery

Step Industrial Filters is a brand specialized in hydraulic filtration, with a complete range of hydraulic and lubrication filters, including more than 1,000 references, covering the main needs of the market.

The catalog of this brand is characterized by offering high performance, with different options to adapt to the specific specifications of the systems, and offering interchangeable references with the main brands in the market and first equipment.

Its filtration range complies with the quality standards required by manufacturers, as its references are designed and tested under different quality tests and based on the sector's own certifications.

As all hydraulic filtration and lubrication needs are centralized in a single brand, working with Step Industrial Filters saves management time which, together with a fast logistics service that allows delivery of any solution within 24-48 hours, avoids delays that could jeopardize the performance of the industry or company that demands it.

Product range: covering all market needs

  1. Vent filters.
  2. Suction filters.
  3. Pressure filters.
  4. Complete semi-submerged return filters.
  5. In-line duplex filters.
  6. Differential pressure gauges and accessories.
  7. Mobile filtration units.

Additional services provided by Grupo Cartés and Step Industrial Filters

At Grupo Cartés we offer solutions for the entire hydraulic system, from the initial suction of the fluid from the tank, through the filtration in the pressure and return zone to the one offered by the vent or aeration filter and the off-line filtration.

Likewise, the installation of monitoring and control systems allows the execution of a series of online actions, obtaining real-time information that facilitates decision making and anticipation of possible breakdowns or inefficiencies, favoring predictive and proactive maintenance.

Thanks to our extensive experience working with industries that depend on hydraulic processes for the performance of their activity, we know in depth the needs that arise in these companies. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive program for the maintenance of hydraulic and lubrication oils, which provides industries and professionals with an evolution of the maintenance of these oils, in terms of correction, prediction and prevention, reaching a level of proactive care of the fluids.

This program is designed to cover any filtration need during any process involving the presence of hydraulic oils. In this sense, our engineers study each case in depth to offer the optimal solution in a personalized way, accompanying the professionals in each necessary step:

  • Choice of fluid.
  • Receiving, storage and dispensing.
  • Sealing and protection during storage and dispensing, as well as throughout the circuit and sampling points.
  • Fluid filtration and purification.
  • On-line visualization, control and monitoring.

All of this is accompanied by a scheduled maintenance plan and additional services tailored to each need.

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