Bypass filtration units: higher capacity and less maintenance to ensure optimal oil quality

For those industries whose processes rely on hydraulic systems, not having oil in class can lead to failures that result in machinery downtime or breakdowns due to contamination and degradation.

80% of hydraulic and lubrication system failures are caused by oil contamination. Therefore, keeping lubricants in optimum condition is essential to ensure the proper functioning of systems, avoid a substantial increase in production costs, prevent unplanned downtime, and spread out maintenance periods. 

At Grupo Cartés we offer solutions for the entire hydraulic system, from the initial suction of the fluid from the tank. To do this, we adapt to the particular needs and problems of each system, offering tailor-made solutions that ensure the best cleaning of hydraulic oils.


Technical Solutions: RMF Bypass Filtration Units (BPU) - Des-Case

These filtration solutions are specially designed for mobile applications in hydraulic or transmission systems. The unit allows the hydraulic oil to be kept in the best condition, can be configured with two elements, with pre-filter for water and, depending on the need, there is a "Smart" version with integrated contamination monitoring sensor (CMS), which measures contamination levels in real time.

These Bypass units do not require complex installation, on the contrary, they combine all the advantages of bypass filters and contamination control sensors. 

Bypass units are equipped with a pressure differential and flow control compensation valve, which bleeds oil from the main system through the filter and back into the hydraulic reservoir. The amount drawn from this main system is kept to a minimum, so as not to affect the operation of the machinery.

The advantages of installing a Bypass filtration unit are as follows: 

  • The oil is kept completely clean thanks to the high filtration efficiency. 
  • Its radial filtration technology prevents the formation of unfiltered fluid channels.
  • These units have a high water and dirt holding capacity.
  • Thanks to their compact design, they are robust and easy to maintain.
  • Available with environmentally friendly elements. 
  • The service life of the oil and hydraulic system components is extended.
  • Production costs are reduced. 

Its use is focused on mobile machinery, such as excavators, public and civil works machinery in general, forestry machines, agricultural machinery or asphalt pavers, among others.

These solutions are part of our comprehensive service for the maintenance of hydraulic oils, which is complemented by the support of engineers, whose objective is to define the best solution for the proper maintenance and improvement of the efficiency of the systems.  

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