Giant off-line units: real time information on oil status

It is estimated that 80% of failures in hydraulic and lubrication systems are caused by oil contamination. Only oil in class is able to guarantee the correct functioning of the system. In addition, the level of cleanliness of hydraulic systems and their control result in substantial savings in production costs.

The measurement of particulate contamination is determined by the ISO 4406:2021 code. This issue is becoming increasingly relevant as some machinery manufacturers propose ISO code specifications, and others require them to validate warranties.

Suppliers of bearings, turbines and hydraulic systems are increasingly interested in specifying a specific cleanliness level of new and in-service oils.

This often implies establishing processes for cleaning new oils before incorporating them into the systems in order to comply with the required specifications, as well as carrying out exhaustive and continuous in-plant control.

In Grupo Cartés we have a comprehensive program for the maintenance of hydraulic and lubrication oils, designed to cover any filtration need during the entire process involving the presence of hydraulic oils. In this sense, our engineers study each case in depth to offer the optimal solution in a personalized way.

One of these stages is online control and monitoring, a crucial phase for the complete optimization of processes and resources, both human and economic.

By installing monitoring systems, it is possible to carry out a series of online actions, so that we can obtain real-time information on the condition of the oils, allowing us to make decisions and anticipate possible breakdowns, thus favoring predictive and proactive maintenance.

The system control is carried out through the installation in derivation of a series of elements that allow a correct monitoring, such as the giant off-line units.

Giant off-line units

These giant units are easily installed in hydraulic systems. By means of a pump integrated in the unit, the oil is pumped from the reservoir to the unit and then, once filtered, the oil is returned to the tank.

In addition, the giant off-line units can be equipped with additional components for system monitoring, such as CMS (contamination monitoring sensor), OQS (oil quality sensor) and OQD (oil quality display).

Opting for this solution provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces solid particle contamination.
  • Maintains excellent levels of cleanliness.
  • Reduces water pollution.
  • Reduces machine downtime.
  • Reduces oil oxidation.
  • Prolongs the useful life of the machines.
  • Reduces costs.

At Grupo Cartés we can supply this solution to our customers through rental or sale.

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